Portsmouth, UK,

H+S Aviation Reveals 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report

Organisation committed to being an equal opportunities employer; striving for continuous improvements in recruitment and talent management

Portsmouth, UK - H+S Aviation, a BBA Aviation Global Engine Services company, released its 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report earlier this year. This report details the organisation's commitment to being an equal opportunities employer and outlines the steps the H+S team will take to continuously improve for their employees' benefit.

"We are proud to have published our first Gender Pay Gap Report in line with new legislation to encourage greater gender pay transparency amongst companies with 250 or more employees in the UK," Sophie Saunders, H+S HR Business Partner said. "We are pleased to share that our GPG is relatively low when compared to other aviation companies, which are traditionally more male-dominated."

Further, Saunders said H+S is confident that they pay people equally for doing equivalent work across the company.

"As we move forward and look to close this gap, we remain committed to attracting, retaining and progressing female talent within an aviation environment," Saunders said.

H+S Aviation plans to achieve their goal in closing the gap through recruitment and progression as follows:


  • Target the broadest possible talent pool when advertising roles and ensure advertising is styled to appeal to both men and women
  • Because of the low staff turnover, the organization will focus recruitment activities on graduate trainee roles, apprenticeships and internships as a way of introducing new talent to the business
  • Where practicable, H+S will advertise roles with flexibility, so that working hours are not a barrier for women to apply for positions


  • Embrace part-time working where practicable in management roles to ensure working hours are not a barrier to career progression for women
  • H+S will review other working practices to identify and remove other potential barriers to career progression for women
  • Review family-friendly policies and ensure the policies provide effective support, genuine flexibility and the opportunity for a wholesome work/life balance
  • Encourage women in senior roles to act as mentors and role models to promote aspiration among other women in the organisation 

Additionally, Saunders said that increased diversity is a company priority.

"We are committed to increasing diversity within our workforce to ensure that we are able to attract and retain the very best talent in our industry," Saunders said. "This commitment goes beyond gender."

For additional information on H+S Aviation's recruitment and team management practices, please contact recruitment@hsaviation.co.uk. Download the full H+S Aviation 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report below, view in your browser or visit the H+S Aviation employer page on the UK.gov website for more information.